“Repayment” is the secret behind Ronaldo’s preference for an assist over scoring against Türkiye!

Cristiano Ronaldo was alone in the Turkish national team’s goal and had the opportunity to easily score the third goal for the Portuguese national team, but he surprised everyone by passing the ball to Bruno Fernandes so that the Manchester United star scored his country’s goal instead of Don.

Usually, Ronaldo preferred to score goals himself and set records, and in Turkish football, scoring was very easy as he faced goalkeeper Bender directly, which raised many questions about the decision of the Saudi Al-Nasr star.

One hypothesis was that Ronaldo wanted to pass to Bruno so that he could reach the 8th assist in the history of his participation in the Euro, and thus become the most goalscorer in the history of the competition.

But another hypothesis was put forward regarding Bruno Fernandes loaning his boots to Ronaldo, and this was revealed in the fact that the name of the United star’s daughter Matilda was written on the 39-year-old’s boots in the second half.

Many believed that Ronaldo owed Bruno a lot for giving him the boot, and for this reason he decided to give him the opportunity to score Portugal’s goal instead of scoring it himself.

This goal will not have much impact on Ronaldo if he does not score it, as the Portuguese player is the all-time top scorer in the Euro with 14 goals, while the closest player among the current players is Alvaro Morata with 7 goals.