“Real Madrid will not win the Champions League for 50 years!”

Artificial intelligence predicted that Real Madrid would miss the Champions League title for 50 years.

The artificial intelligence predicted the Champions League champions from 2024 to 2103, and during that period Real Madrid is supposed to win the title 10 times.

The Spanish club will win the “With the Ears” again in 2031 and 2032, then disappear for 21 years and win the title twice in a row in 2053 and 2054.

But from 2054 to 2094, Real Madrid will not succeed in winning the title, meaning the Champions League will miss the Santiago Bernabéu for 50 years.

The artificial intelligence expects that Real Madrid’s return will be legendary after that, by winning the Champions League 5 times in a row between 2094 and 2098, and then it will win the title in 2100.

In the same context, artificial intelligence predicts that Paris Saint-Germain will not win the Champions League before 2033.

The artificial intelligence also predicts that many small teams will win the title, such as Leicester City, Brentford, Celtic, Rangers, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Roma, Sporting Lisbon, Eintracht Frankfurt, Besiktas and Malmo.