Real Madrid star is exposed to racism against Islam (photo)

Because of the sign of monotheism.. the Real Madrid star is exposed to racism against Islam (photo)

Antonio Rudiger, the Real Madrid star, faced a disgraceful attack from a German journalist named Julian Reichelt over a photo congratulating him on the occasion of Ramadan.

The German posted pictures of himself on the prayer rug, pointing with his index finger to the sky, which is a sign of monotheism in the Islamic religion, and wrote on it, “May God accept our fasting and prayers.”

Inexplicably, Reichelt, who formerly worked for Bild newspaper, attacked Rüdiger and considered the gesture he made “a sign of the terrorist organization ISIS.”

Rüdiger did not stand idly by this blatant racism, but rather immediately filed a complaint against the journalist with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the German capital, Berlin.

The German Football Association stood by Rüdiger in the crisis,  reporting the case to the Central Cybercrime Office of the Main Public Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt.

On the part of the German government, the Ministry of the Interior acknowledged that what Rüdiger did was a religious symbol and did not represent any public safety crisis.

The Ministry stressed that some extremists use this symbol poorly for private purposes, but Rudiger and Muslims have the right to use it without being branded as terrorist in any way.

It is noteworthy that Rudiger, who is currently with the German national team, refused to talk to the media about the incident and was content with the legal steps he took.

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