Real Madrid refuses to dance to Granada’s sorrows and postpones the celebration of La Liga

The Spanish Football Federation’s decision to hand Real Madrid the La Liga shield in the Granada match sparked great anger among Florentino Pérez’s management, which rejected the idea in form and substance.

Real Madrid was officially crowned La Liga for the thirty-sixth time in its history after defeating Cadiz 3-0, with Barcelona losing 4-2 to Girona last week.

The Merengues will host Granada at the Nueva Los Carmenes Stadium next Saturday, and the Spanish Federation wanted to hand over the La Liga shield to the Royal Club after the end of this match.

But the Real Madrid administration rejects the idea in form and substance, and believes that it shows a lot of disrespect for Granada, given that if the homeowners lose, their relegation to the second division will be officially confirmed.

Real Madrid does not want to celebrate while there is crying on the field, whether from Granada players or fans due to the relegation, and of course what it prefers most is to celebrate the La Liga Shield in its stadium and among its fans.

The Perez administration contacted the Spanish Federation to change the date for receiving the shield, and according to the newspaper “Marca” there was preliminary agreement to postpone the matter for a few days.

If things go like this, Real Madrid will receive the La Liga shield at its home stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu, after the Alavés match scheduled for Tuesday, May 14.