Real Madrid causes great disappointment within Barcelona!

There is no doubt that Barcelona officials are currently feeling very disappointed after Real Madrid announced its participation in the 2025 Club World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in the United States of America.

According to the newspaper “Relevo”, Barcelona was happy on Monday morning when Carlo Ancelotti announced that Real Madrid would not play in the Club World Cup.

The secret behind this lies in the fact that FIFA would have resorted to including Barcelona in the competition instead of Real Madrid, even though the Catalan club is not the highest ranked club in the UEFA classification.

Liverpool, in terms of classification, was more deserving of succeeding Real Madrid, but the number of English clubs from the 12 European teams in the competition was complete, so the tendency was to replace Real Madrid with another Spanish club, Barcelona.

Thus, Barcelona would have guaranteed to obtain at least 20 million euros from participating in this competition, a number that could help Joan Laporta’s administration face the difficult economic crisis at Camp Nou.

But now this number, which is likely to increase, has become a mirage, as Real Madrid’s words were clear that the Merengue will participate in the 2025 World Cup in America, and Ancelotti corrected what he said and clarified his different idea.

It is noteworthy that the media suggested that European clubs’ profits from the 2025 Club World Cup would reach 50 million euros in some cases.