Real Madrid accuses the Spanish Federation of committing a major mistake

Brahim Diaz’s decision to represent Morocco instead of Spain sparked a wave of anger among Real Madrid officials.

Perhaps Florentino Perez’s management is not angry with the player himself, but rather angry with the way the Spanish Football Federation dealt with the entire file.

For months, the Moroccan national team has been trying to convince Diaz, and the player’s abilities have exploded even more recently with Real Madrid, and the Spanish Federation has not made strong attempts to include the player in the La Roja national team.

As for the Perez administration, the Spanish Federation should have moved early and presented Diaz with strong offers similar to what happened in Morocco, instead of leaving him completely to the Moroccan officials to talk to him.

At the same time, Real Madrid believes that the Spanish Federation made a big mistake by losing a star like Diaz, especially since what he presented recently confirms how he could benefit Spain if he were to represent it.

It is noteworthy that this season, Diaz participated in 32 matches in all tournaments, during which he scored 8 goals and assisted 4 others.

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