Only 3 Arab clubs are in the list of the top 100 clubs in terms of marketing value

The famous Transfer Market website published an update to the list of the top 100 clubs from around the world in terms of marketing list, and only 3 Arab clubs were present in that list.

Manchester City maintains the lead with a market value of $1.3 billion, followed by Arsenal with 1.16 billion euros, Real Madrid with 1.04 billion euros, and Paris Saint-Germain with 1.02 billion euros.

Al Hilal Saudi Arabia is considered the most valuable Arab club with a market value of 242.50 million euros, but it ranks 49th globally.

Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia is the second Arab club in terms of market value with 163.70 million euros, and is ranked 69th globally.

As for Al-Nasr, it is the last Arab club on the list with the highest market value around the world, as it occupies 73rd place globally and third in the Arab world with a market value of 144.03 million euros.

The evaluation of the clubs’ market value depends on the players present in each club, so it is logical that the Saudi clubs are the highest in the Arab world after the major assignments in the last two years.