Once again…an anticipated crisis between Egypt and Liverpool because of Salah!

It seems that a crisis is about to break out between the Egyptian Football Association and Liverpool because of Mohamed Salah, for the third time in 3 months.

The head of the Egyptian Football Association, Gamal Allam, went out to the media and announced that Mohamed Salah wants to represent the Egyptian national team in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Salah cannot be present at the Olympics without the approval of the Liverpool administration, given that the entire competition is not counted on the FIFA agenda.

It is not expected that Liverpool’s management will agree to the 32-year-old’s participation in the Olympics, given that it comes before the season and will negatively affect him in terms of physical fatigue.

The matter will depend primarily on Salah’s desire and how he will deal with Liverpool, and perhaps the player’s chances of joining his country are great if the Egyptian Federation stays out of the picture.

Egypt and Liverpool have had a bad relationship recently due to the way they dealt with the issue of the player’s return from the Nations Cup, and then how they disagreed during the recent March hiatus.

It is noteworthy that Salah played in the 2012 London Olympics with the Egyptian national team, and the Pharaohs now have the right to choose 3 over-age players to help Rogero Micali’s squad in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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