On charges of rape…two Premier League stars were arrested!

English police arrested two players from a Premier League club after their team’s match this week on charges of rape.

This is what the Daily Mail newspaper reported in an urgent report, but it did not reveal the identity of the duo, nor the club to which they belong.

But the newspaper indicated that both players play together in the same team, and that the police arrested them together from their team’s stadium on Saturday or Sunday.

This is not the first incident in which a player has been accused of rape in the Premier League, as Anthony and Mason Greenwood were previously subject to a similar accusation.

Despite Greenwood’s acquittal, United loaned him to Getafe, two full years after he was suspended until the judiciary issued its final ruling.

There is another famous case of an undisclosed player in a London club, most likely Arsenal, accused of rape, but the matter has been completely kept secret and his identity has not been revealed until now.