Officially… two leagues get 5 places in the 2025 Champions League

Borussia Dortmund’s victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the 2024 Champions League semi-finals decided the identity of the countries that will get 5 seats in the next edition of the “Eared Ones”.

The European Union (UEFA) has approved a radical change in the Champions League system starting next season, so that 36 teams will participate instead of 32 as was usual.

32 teams will qualify in the traditional way to the champions, and 4 other teams will qualify based on 3 criteria, including that Dorian will have the right to participate with 5 clubs instead of 4 because their clubs achieved the best collective results in the previous season.

With Dortmund’s victory, it was confirmed that these two leagues would be the Italian League, as the first seed, and the German League.

From the German League, the officially qualified teams were determined: Bayern Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund, which are in the top five places in the Bundesliga.

In Italy, the struggle is still intense, but Inter and Milan have practically guaranteed qualification, awaiting 3 other seats that will be determined based on the Serie A standings.