Officially… Saudi Arabia punishes Ronaldo for his shameful behavior

The Disciplinary Committee of the Saudi Football Federation announced the imposition of two penalties on Al-Nasr star Cristiano Ronaldo due to his disgraceful behavior towards Al-Shabab fans.

Al-Shabab Administration had filed an official complaint against the Portuguese star after he celebrated in front of its fans with immoral movements, which caused “The Don” to be subject to investigation.

Ronaldo defended himself by saying that the movement he made meant dominance and advantage and that it always happened in Europe and did not carry any insult to anyone.

But in the end, the excuse provided by the 39-year-old was not enough, as the Disciplinary Committee came close to suspending him for only one match, and fining him 10,000 Saudi riyals.

This penalty is not subject to appeal, confirming Ronaldo’s absence from the Al-Hazm match on Wednesday, even though coach Luis Castro had already included him in Al-Nasr’s roster.

It is noteworthy that this punishment is lighter than what was previously reported by the media, so expectations were of a larger fine and a two-match suspension.

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Saudi League with 22 goals this season, and this is the first penalty ever that he has been subjected to since joining Al-Nasr in the winter of 2023.

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