Officially…Mbappe will not participate with France in the 2024 Paris Olympics

France’s Olympic team coach, Thierry Henry, announced the list of his team that will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, which are scheduled to be held next August.

Each team in the Olympics has the right to include three players over the age, and Henry invited the duo Alexandre Lacazette and Jean-Philippe Matita, along with a third name that he said he would not announce now.

The list did not contain Kylian Mbappe’s name, as expected, and it is unlikely that he will be the third major player to join, given what Henry said in this regard.

The French football legend, speaking to the media, said, “The people he spoke to at Real Madrid were very direct in their refusal of their players to participate in the Olympics.”

All French clubs agreed to have their players join the Olympics, but the refusal came from foreign clubs, which Henry considered to be a logical matter that he could easily understand.

The France team will compete in the Olympics in one group, along with the teams of the United States of America, Guinea and New Zealand.