Officially… Mbappe reveals the date for deciding his future

Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain player, confirmed that he will announce the next step in his future after the end of the current season, specifically before the start of the Euro 2024 competition in Germany.

The French international’s contract with his current team expires at the end of this season, and all media outlets indicate that he is close to joining Real Madrid.

Neither Mbappé, Real Madrid, or even Paris Saint-Germain have announced the matter yet, amid various speculations about when the player will inform the millions who are eager to know his future, his next step.

Mbappe, during his presence with the French national team in the March camp, ended this controversy, and said, “People will know my future before the start of the Euro. I am very calm about this matter.”

Mbappe returned and hinted that he would leave Paris Saint-Germain, as he said, “My future is no longer a subject of major discussion within the club. No one is talking about it anymore.”

He concluded, “I will be at the next Euro with a calm head and a state of complete readiness to do great things for the French national team.”

It remains to be noted that France’s participation in Euro 2024 will begin on June 17 against Austria, which means that Mbappe will announce his move to Real Madrid or any other club at most within the first two weeks of June.

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