Officially… Cristiano Ronaldo wins his battle against Juventus

The Italian judiciary did justice to Cristiano Ronaldo, granting him the right to make millions from the management of Juventus in the case pending over the last two years.

The origin of the crisis goes back to the Corona period, when Ronaldo postponed part of his financial dues, and later the Juventus management claimed that he waived them to allow him to leave for Manchester United in the summer of 2021.

Ronaldo filed a case before the Italian judiciary, which ruled in favor of the 39-year-old and obliged Juventus to pay part of the dues, in addition to some interest on them.

According to Italian media, Ronaldo will receive 10 million euros and some benefits, without revealing their value.

Basically, according to his claims, Ronaldo had 19.5 million euros, but the judiciary ruled that he was entitled to only 10 million with interest on this amount.

The referee considered that Ronaldo and Juventus share responsibility for what happened, and accordingly the player is only entitled to half the value of his dues, which is satisfactory to him and tedious for the Bianconeri management in any case.

It is noteworthy that Juventus paid 100 million euros to sign Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2018, and the Portuguese played 134 matches during which he scored 101 goals until he left in 2021 for United.

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