Officially… Brahim Diaz has decided on his position on representing Morocco or Spain

Brahim Diaz, the Real Madrid player, ended the controversy surrounding the team he will represent in the next period of his career.

Diaz participated in a ceremony held by the Royal Moroccan University, headed by Fawzi Lakjaa, to officially announce his joining the Moroccan national team.

The Spanish national team had tried to woo the Real Madrid star, and coach De La Fuente summoned him for the March suspension, at the same time that the Moroccan national team, led by coach Walid Regragui, summoned him.

In the end, after strenuous attempts by the Moroccans, Lakjaa and Regragui succeeded in convincing Diaz that the best option for him was to represent his country of origin.

Diaz is of Moroccan origins, as he was born to a father of Moroccan origin (Safil Abdelkader Muhannad) and a Spanish mother (Patricia Diaz).

Diaz played one international match with the Spanish national team years ago, and he has the right to change his sporting nationality as long as he does not play more than two international matches according to FIFA rules.

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