Not the money.. An obstacle deprives Barcelona of its first summer deal

“Sport” newspaper revealed that Barcelona officials have settled on the first deals for the Catalan club next summer.

Unusually, The new player will not be a famous star, Rather, an unknown player from Mali, Ibrahim Diarra, But he is one of the most important talents on the African continent in the last two years.

During the recent period, the 17-year-old was undergoing tests, and he passed all of them, impressing everyone who followed him in the training of Barcelona’s youth teams.

But a major crisis faces Joan Laporta’s management to include the player. He must reach the age of 18 first so that he can sign contracts with Barcelona in accordance with UEFA’s rules for players from outside Europe.

This means that Barcelona must wait until next December in order to include the player and give him the opportunity to participate with the first team. No one wants to wait that long.

At the present moment, Blaugrana officials are working on finding any legal loophole that would allow them to restrict the player and engage in first-team training until he is ready to participate in the next season.

It remains to be noted that Diarra plays as an outright striker and comes from the African Football Academy, which has just signed cooperation and partnership contracts with Barcelona.

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