Not Messi…an Arab star who distracted Ronaldo’s mind by competing with him!

The brother of Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, the Saudi Al-Ittihad star, believes that Cristiano Ronaldo was only focused on his personal glory, which was the reason for Al-Nasr’s failure to achieve any official title.

Ronaldo succeeded in scoring 35 goals, surpassing the previous record recorded by Hamdallah as the player who scored the most goals in one season in the Saudi League.

In statements to the Goal website, Hamdallah’s agent and his brother said, “Ronaldo searched for a personal title more than he searched for a collective title, and thanks to the help of his teammates, he was actually able to achieve his goal.”

He also added, “If Al-Nasr had focused on a group title this season, the cup final would have been theirs easily and without dispute.”

He concluded, “Cristiano received great support from the team and players in order to break Hamdallah’s record, and this was against Al-Ittihad.”

Hamdallah had a modest season on the team level as well with Al-Ittihad, despite being the team’s top scorer in all tournaments with 29 goals in 38 matches.