Not just a player… Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who chooses Al-Nassr deals!

A tweet from former Al-Nassr player, Hashim Sorour, caused a huge controversy after he revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who chooses the Saudi club’s deals in the summer Mercato.

The international media had previously revealed that Ronaldo personally intervened to persuade some players to join Al-Nassr, the latest of whom was Manchester United star Casemiro.

Sorour wrote in defense of Ronaldo turning thirty-nine and being subjected to severe criticism, considering that this affects his level, saying that he is better than a million local players.

Sorour said, “When a player is over 34 years old and is in good health, keeps himself from staying up late, and performs intense exercises, he gives better on the field than a million local players, even if the local player is young in age.”

He also added, “My message to Al-Nasr fans is to trust the support and choices of football legend Ronaldo, who thinks about consistency and harmony first.”

Certainly, Al-Nassr management and its fans reject the idea. Ronaldo, despite his legend, is just a player and cannot interfere in the selection of players, which caused Sorour to be severely attacked.

Because of this, Surour deleted the controversial tweet, although its resonance continues to this day.