Not Barcelona.. Greenwood is on his way to an unexpected destination!

The Sun newspaper reported that Mason Greenwood’s next destination after Getafe will not be a move to Barcelona, but rather an option that was not much considered.

Manchester United loaned the English player to Getafe this season after the controversy surrounding him in the case of sexual assault against his girlfriend.

Despite the player’s acquittal, the previous United management preferred for him to leave to prevent many crises, and with Greenwood’s brilliance in Getafe, he attracted intense attention once again.

According to the English newspaper, Greenwood will return to Manchester United, and will not move to any new club despite the interest he is receiving from several clubs.

The Red Devils players welcome the 24-year-old’s return to the team again after they realized the truth of the controversy surrounding him, and the locker room is ready to receive him again.

United leaders are aware that the potential that Greenwood can bring to United is very great, so given his acquittal by court ruling, there is no objection to his return.

The only crisis remains not in Greenwood’s team, but in the women’s team at Manchester United, which may stage an angry outburst at the player’s return to Old Trafford.

In any case, The Sun confirms that Barcelona has withdrawn from the race and does not intend to attempt to sign the England international.

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