Napoli star shocks Barcelona with an unexpected decision

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Napoli star Jhivchia Kvaratskhelia has decided not to join Barcelona next summer.

Despite hints from the Georgian star’s camp that he is seeking to take a major step in his career, the player’s final decision came to postpone this for the current moment.

The Italian newspaper indicates that Kavara has a great desire to stay with Napoli next summer, but on the condition that his contract, which is currently valid until the summer of 2027, is renewed.

By renewing his contract, Kvaratskhelia aims to receive a higher salary on one hand, and for his new contract to include a penalty clause that allows him to leave in the summer of 2025 without crises.

Napoli relied on the same scenario with the other important player in the southern team’s successes in recent years, Victor Osimhen, after renewing his contract in exchange for  the inclusion of a penalty clause worth 125 million euros.

Perhaps this news represents a shock to Barcelona in particular, as it is the club most interested in including the player, and it is considered a dream deal for President Joan Laporta to support the left wing position.

It remains to be noted that Kavara’s current contract extends to the summer of 2027, but his new contract may keep him until 2029 with an increase in his salary from 1.5 million euros to approximately 5 million euros annually.

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