Modric causes a crisis between Real Madrid and Mbappe

Defensa Central reported that Luka Modric may cause a not-so-major crisis between Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappe due to his continued presence within the Royal Club.

According to the report, Real Madrid officials had previously promised Mbappe that he would wear the historic No. 10 shirt when he arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu next summer.

Real Madrid officials based this promise on the fact that the departure of the current shirt holder, Luka Modric, would inevitably happen next summer, and all indications were confirming this.

But in the past few days, the Croatian international’s position has changed, and he is closer to staying for another year than leaving, and it is unlikely that he will leave his shirt for Mbappe under any circumstances.

Perhaps Mbappé will not be happy to wear any shirt other than the number 10 as he dreamed, especially since his other favorite number 7 is in the possession of another star, Vinicius Junior.

The network reported that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez informed Mbappe’s mother, Fayza Lamari, of the matter and confirmed that he cannot guarantee the number currently, hoping that this will not cause any crisis between the two parties.

In any case, it is not expected that the matter will turn into a major problem, but it may affect Mbappe’s life in one way or another in his first year in the Spanish capital.