Messi: Real Madrid is the best in the world in terms of results only!

Football legend Lionel Messi believes that Real Madrid is currently the best club in the world when it comes to results, while in terms of levels, Manchester City is the best.

The Royal Club achieved the Spanish League and Champions League double this season, while Manchester City was content with only achieving the English Premier League title.

Messi was asked in a press interview about the best club in the world currently, and he answered, “Real Madrid, they won the Champions League title.”

He also added, “If we are talking about results, then yes, Real Madrid is the best in the world, but in terms of performance on the field, then Manchester City is led by Pep Guardiola.”

He concluded in this regard by saying, “Personally, I like the performance that Manchester City is playing with, and I believe that any club led by Guardiola will be different because of the way he plays and his ideas.”

Asked whether he would play in the 2026 World Cup, 37-year-old Messi replied, “It depends on how I feel, my physical ability, and being honest with myself.”