Messi is not the reason.. Revealing the real reason for Ronaldo’s shameful movements in Saudi Arabia

One of the Al-Nasr fans who attended Al-Shabab’s recent match claimed that the reason for Cristiano Ronaldo’s revolt against the Al-Lioth fans was not the “Messi” chants.

Ronaldo celebrated Anderson Talisca’s goal by making disgraceful gestures to the young fans. Then he repeated the matter after the final whistle and the announcement of his team’s victory 3-2.

According to this fan who posted a video on the X platform, The youth fans chanted insulting slogans towards Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina. Which caused him to become angry.

at the same time, This fan said that he did not have a video documenting the incident. But he heard it over the course of the ninety minutes, And that Messi’s chants were not the cause of Ronaldo’s discomfort, as was claimed.

If it is confirmed that what Ronaldo did was for this reason, Then the punishment that the Disciplinary Committee plans to impose on the 39-year-old may be reduced or cancelled.

Al-Riyadiah newspaper had revealed that Ronaldo would be fined financially for his actions. In addition to being suspended for two matches in the Saudi League.

Until now, the official decision has not been made public. Perhaps what the fan mentioned would change things 180 degrees.

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