“Messi is genetically modified and that is why he is a legend in football!”

Former English player John Barton considered that Lionel Messi only achieved his successes in the world of football because he was “genetically modified” and not natural like other players.

During his childhood, the Argentine international suffered from growth problems and because of them, he developed hormones. After that, he became a professional football player and became one of the best football players in history.

But for Barton, Messi without hormones would not have been the Messi everyone knows now.

In a media interview, Barton said, “A big question mark over Messi’s name for me, because he took steroids and all that at an early age to solve his growth problem.”

He also added, “Messi was exposed to genetic modification when he was young, so his success is not natural. He took growth hormones and other medications, and no other player has ever done that.”

He concluded, “If Messi had grown naturally like other players, he would not have been in his current state, through which he did everything he did in his football career.”