Mbappe sues a kebab restaurant for a “frivolous reason”!

Kylian Mbappé, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, sued a restaurant in the French city of Marseille for a reason that his owner considered “extremely trivial.”

The origin of the story goes back to a kebab restaurant in Marseille that describes its bread as being made from “bread as round as Mbappe’s skull.”

Between the fact that Mbappé did not like this description, and between his attempts to preserve his commercial rights in advertising, etc., the French star became angry with the kebab restaurant and moved against it.

According to the restaurant owner, he received an official letter on Wednesday from Mbappé’s lawyer asking him to remove the player’s name from the menu, advertisements and advertisements for using his name without his consent for commercial purposes.

The restaurant owner went crazy, as he wrote in a comment that Mbappé should “be ashamed of himself that he is suing me for this very trivial reason,” stressing that he does not believe what the 25-year-old has done.

It remains to be noted that advertising and image rights are very important to Mbappe, and nothing is more evident than that they are a very important axis in his negotiations to join Real Madrid.

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