Marca: Bellingham has become an enemy of the Spanish League referees!

The newspaper “Marca” reported that the Spanish League referees complained more than once about Jude Bellingham, and the Real Madrid star almost became one of their most important enemies after the incident of the Real Madrid-Valencia match.

The English international received a red card after the end of the match at Mestalla Stadium after he strongly objected to referee Gil Manzano’s controversial decision to end the match and cancel the winning goal for the Royal team.

According to Marca, the Spanish referees have not liked the way Bellingham has objected for a long time, and they also have great dissatisfaction with his tone of speech when objecting and how he deals with them in an unacceptable manner.

The referees believe that Bellingham exceeds the limits in his objections in a way that has become unacceptable, and indeed there have been protests against him and demands that he be restrained even before the Manzano incident.

Thus, it seems that La Liga referees will deal with Bellingham with additional caution, which means that he will be exposed to more warnings and red cards in the coming period due to dissent if he continues in the same way.

It remains to be noted that La Liga rejected Real Madrid’s appeal regarding Bellingham’s two-match ban, in a decision that the Disciplinary Committee explained as a response to the contempt and disrespect shown by the player towards the sporting authorities.

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