Mallorca coach: Yamal is a mouse like Messi, and Xavi responds strongly!

Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre considered that Lamine Yamal looked a lot like Lionel Messi in his prime, and that he was a “rat” like the mice that the La Masia sector always produces of talented players.

Yamal scored Barcelona’s victory over Mallorca on Friday, marking his 13th goal contribution this season in all tournaments while he is still sixteen years old.

After the match, Aguirre said about Yamal, “I watched Messi in his early days with the Barcelona youth team. He was like a mouse and did not stop scoring goals every 5 minutes.”

He also added, “Yamal seems like a rat like these rats as well. If he continues to play in the same style he is now, he will bring a lot of happiness to Barcelona.”

In turn, Xavi Hernandez responded about comparing Aguirre Messi to Yamal by saying, “I understand that, but I think this comparison should not happen.”

He concluded, “Anyone will lose when he is compared to Messi. We are talking about the greatest player in the history of football. We should never compare Yamal to him now.”

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