Liverpool is a “victim” of refereeing disasters against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final (video)

Referee Chris Kavanagh took center stage in the Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool. After an incomprehensible decision he made in the match held at Wembley Stadium.

Virgil van Dijk scored the lead goal for the Reds in the 62nd minute. At first glance, it did not appear that there was any error or offside that might cause the goal to be cancelled.

But while the Dutch player was celebrating, Video technology intervened and summoned Kavanagh to see the game again.

The English referee decided to cancel the goal in an inexplicable manner. He justified his decision by saying that Cody Jacobo intervened before the ball reached Van Dijk. While the first was offside.

With a closer look at the game, it is clear that Jacobo did not interfere or affect the ball reaching Van Dijk or even cause the Chelsea defenders to be distracted. Which makes the decision the strangest ever in 2024.

This was not the only arbitration decision that caused great controversy in the final. Rather, it was preceded by the referee’s refusal to give Moses Caicedo a clearly visible red card.

The Blues player intervened very violently on Ryan Grafenberg, This caused the Dutch player to leave injured. However, the referee did not show the red card, which seemed very well deserved.

Regular time ended in a goalless draw between the two teams. They will go to extra time.

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