Laporta begs Xavi to remain Barcelona coach, and a decisive response!

Barcelona President Joan Laporta is trying to keep Xavi Hernandez as coach next season, but the Blaugrana legend’s reaction was unexpected.

Xavi announced a month ago that this season would be his last in charge of Barcelona, in a decision he considered the best for all parties after the decline in results and performance in the past months.

According to the newspaper “Sport”, Laporta still hopes that Xavi will change his mind and continue at least until the summer of 2025, as confidence in the coach is still very high despite everything.

Laporta actually asked Xavi directly to stay next season, and deputy Rafa Yoseti also informed the coach that if he changed his mind, everything was open for him to continue at Camp Nou.

But the surprise is that Xavi’s response in both cases was a categorical rejection of the idea of continuing, and his emphasis that his decision to leave Barcelona had become final and irreversible.

Xavi has suffered from a lot of pressure in the recent period, and he also wants to take a year off from any activity after 26 years he spent without vacations in the world of football.

“Sport” also indicates that Xavi has many coaching offers, but his decision is that he will not assume any responsibility next season, whatever the temptations.

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