Kroos reveals what terrified him the most and caused his decision to retire!

Real Madrid star Toni Kroos admitted that he decided to retire while he was at his peak so that he would not be forced to make this decision or turn into a replacement player, as happened with many other players.

The German said in an interview published by Marca newspaper, “When you think about retirement, you want to retire successful. This season was successful even before we played the Champions League final.”

He also added, “I wanted to retire in the best moments of my career, and here I am now, so this is the ideal time, but it was not an easy decision, perhaps the most dangerous decision in his entire career.”

He continued, “My biggest concern was that the club, the fans, and the people around me would tell me that you have to stop now, or I would end up on the bench for two or three years. This almost destroyed my career.”

He concluded, “I am very happy and proud that I was able to avoid this scenario from happening to me. It is a beautiful feeling, although I will miss football, but I look at positive things, such as spending more time at home.”