Joselu makes a huge sacrifice in order to continue with Real Madrid

The Relevo network confirmed that Joselu wants to continue with Real Madrid next season, regardless of the financial or sporting sacrifices.

Joselu’s loan from Espanyol ends at the end of this season, and the Royal administration is still considering activating the purchase clause, which does not exceed 2 million euros, and granting the player a new contract for one year.

According to recent news, Real Madrid’s management told Joselu to look at the offers he will receive this summer, and explained to him that his chances of participating with the team will be much less than this year.

Real Madrid is in the process of signing Kylian Mbappe, and he will be relied upon mostly in the striker position. Endrik will also arrive after a long wait at the Santiago Bernabeu, and thus Joselu will be the third option offensively.

However, the 33-year-old does not care much about the matter, and all that matters to him at the present moment is to continue with his favorite club, Real Madrid, for as long as possible, and he does not mind competing with Mbappe and Endrik.

As for Real Madrid, the club already includes Joselu in its calculations and plans for next season, and intends to activate the purchase clause as long as the player welcomes continuing his role as a substitute striker.

It is noteworthy that Joselu participated this season in 47 matches in all tournaments, during which he was able to score 16 goals and assist 3 others, and of course his brace against Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-finals was the most expensive of all.