Inspired by Ronaldo…an exciting plan by Real Madrid to present Mbappe

The Real Madrid administration is working on a huge plan to provide an exceptional presentation for Kylian Mbappe at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after he signed the transfer contracts to the Royal Club.

According to the “Relevo” network, the Real Madrid administration wants Mbappe’s presentation to be legendary, and the idea of ​​the event in general will be very similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation in 2009.

Even if Ronaldo was not physically present at the time, he will definitely be present in the memory at that time, as the plan is to present Mbappe on the field on a stage similar to what happened with the Don, but in the presence of a larger audience.

With the new expansions and development at the Santiago Bernabeu, Mbappe’s presentation ceremony was supposed to break the record recorded by Ronaldo, with 84,000 spectators attending the Santiago Bernabeu at the time.

The date of the ceremony remains ambiguous so far. There are attempts to hold it before the Euros, but here Paris Saint-Germain must agree, which is unlikely, so the logical date would be in late July or early August.