How did Messi interact with a fan who said, “Ronaldo is the best”? (video)

How did Messi interact with a fan who said, “Ronaldo is the best”? (video)

Lionel Messi did not participate in the match between Inter Miami and Monterrey in the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-finals, but he attended the match from the stands, which witnessed an event that the Argentine star is always exposed to.

While sitting in the stands, Messi found a fan in the stands provoking him and repeating the phrase, “Ronaldo is better than you.”

It seems that what was said did not please the former Barcelona star and his bodyguard, but he contented himself with a very angry look at the boy who was saying that and filming a video.

Messi and Ronaldo are always exposed to such things, and perhaps the Al-Nasr star lost his temper more than once due to the fans chanting “Messi” and made disgraceful movements as a result.

It remains to be noted that Inter Miami lost 2-1 at its Chase Stadium in the absence of Messi, in a match that witnessed a quarrel between the flea and the Mexican club’s coach in the stands.

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