How did Guardiola manipulate Bayern Munich in order to achieve glory with Manchester City?

Manchester City legend Fernandinho claims that Pep Guardiola manipulated Bayern Munich’s management so he could send Kevin De Bruyne to the English club.

According to the Brazilian star, the Bayern Munich management in 2015 offered Guardiola a contract with Kevin De Bruyne in the midst of his great brilliance with Wolfsburg at the time.

Inexplicably, the Spanish philosopher responded by rejecting the idea, and justified this by saying that De Bruyne did not fit his style and ideas at the Bavarian club.

But after just one year, Guardiola left for Manchester City, and days later the Belgian international moved to the English club, which Fernandinho confirms was never a coincidence.

The former City player believes that Guardiola knew that he would coach the Citizens the following year, and that he wanted De Bruyne to be the nucleus of his project, and so he decided to prevent him from joining Bayern.

Indeed, De Bruyne was and still is one of City’s most important players, and over the course of 8 years he played 369 matches, during which he scored 98 goals and assisted 165 others, with many team and individual achievements.

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