He surpassed Ronaldo and scored a rare goal.. Messi writes history in MLS

Lionel Messi scored a goal during Inter Miami’s 5-0 victory over Orlando on Sunday morning in the third round of the American League.

Thanks to this goal, Messi entered history, reaching 500 league goals and breaking a record set by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Argentine scored 474 goals with Barcelona in the Spanish League, 22 with Paris Saint-Germain in France, and 4 with Inter Miami in the American League.

The flea became the fastest person to reach 500 goals in the leagues, as he needed only 587 matches to do so, unlike Ronaldo, who scored the same number in 654 matches.

The 36-year-old’s total number of goals without penalty kicks reached 715 goals, a record that no player in the history of football has achieved.

Meanwhile, Messi’s goal in Orlando came from a header, which is the first of its kind for the Argentine since November 2021 when he scored a goal with Barcelona in this way against Celta Vigo.

It is noteworthy that this goal is Messi’s fourth contribution in 3 matches in the local competition, after he scored 3 goals and assisted another goal.

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