Guardiola gets angry because of Real Madrid: 9 days of rest and we have no vacation!

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola expressed his anger at the English Premier League for the way matches were scheduled before his team faced Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals.

City is scheduled to play 3 matches before hosting Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the first leg of the quarter-finals.

The English club will begin its difficult confrontations with the Arsenal match on Saturday, then it will meet on Wednesday with Aston Villa, and then the following Saturday it will meet with Crystal Palace.

On the other hand, Real Madrid will only play one match, which will be on Sunday against Athletic Bilbao, then rest for 9 full days and play the City match.

Guardiola spoke about this by saying, “After today’s match against Arsenal, we will play on Wednesday with Aston Villa at 20:15, then at 12:30 against Crystal Palace… Saturday at 12:30! After that, we will go to Madrid on Tuesday.”

He also added, “Real Madrid has 9 full days to prepare, 9 days! I only want one extra day to rest. I ask the League to grant me that because the difference between us and them is huge and incomparable.”

It remains to point out that Real Madrid’s rest was a mere coincidence, as the final match of the King’s Cup will be held next week, and therefore La Liga suspended the matches of the thirtieth round.

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