Good news: the chances of Modric continuing with Real Madrid are increasing

Despite what has been reported that Real Madrid’s management has already decided not to renew Luka Modric’s contract, The Athletic revealed that this news is not accurate.

Modric’s contract expires at the end of this season at the Santiago Bernabeu, while the “Relivo” network said that Real Madrid’s management has decided to continue either him or Toni Kroos next season.

But the latest report from “The Athletic” confirmed that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti wants the duo to continue together next season, which is what the club’s management agreed to in the past hours.

Although the decision at first was not to renew Modric’s contract, due to Ancelotti’s pressure and the Croatian player’s recent brilliance, it was decided to reverse this decision and grant him a new contract.

Now the decision will be in the hands of the 39-year-old. He will either agree to the new contract, which includes a reduction in his salary, and continue for another year with Real Madrid, or he will leave for free next summer.

The same applies to Toni Kroos, who has not yet made his decision to retire or continue for a final year in the world of football.