Gloating from Barcelona: The fall of Paris Saint-Germain is “divine justice”!

Khaira El Hamraoui, the former Barcelona player, gloated over Paris Saint-Germain’s farewell to the Champions League in the semi-finals at the hands of Borussia Dortmund.

Al-Hamrawi played in Barcelona from 2018 until her move to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, in an experience that was very tragic for her on a personal level.

In Paris, Hamraoui was attacked by her colleague Aminata Diallo, who sent four thugs to severely beat her when she was driving her car home after having dinner with her colleagues.

Because of that incident and the lack of support from the Paris Saint-Germain administration, the French player left the club and headed to Mexico in 2023 to play for Club America.

In the wake of Paris’ loss to Dortmund, the player gloated over what happened to the French club, and considered it “divine justice.”

The 34-year-old posted on social media a picture of PSG’s fall against Dortmund, and wrote on it, “Justice from God.”

The Champions League remains a major challenge for Paris, which failed to win the title at any time, and its best achievement was reaching the 2020 final before losing to Bayern Munich 1-0.