For the 12th time in his career… Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off (video)

Cristiano Ronaldo received the twelfth red card in his career, and his first with Al-Nasr, during his participation in the Riyadh derby against Al-Hilal in the Saudi Super Cup semi-final.

Ali Al-Bulaihi was the main reason for “The Don” receiving the red card, after he provoked the Portuguese to the point of beating him and the referee expelling him.

From the beginning of the match, Ronaldo appeared nervous, and he strongly criticized the referee after he canceled a goal for Al-Nassr in the second half due to offside because the 39-year-old interfered with a ball that reached Otavio and put it into the net.

After Al Hilal advanced 2-0, it seemed that Ronaldo’s anger escalated, and this crystallized in the expulsion ball, where the ball came out and he tried to forcefully take it from Al Bulayhi until he assaulted him, and the referee did not hesitate to expel him.

This is the first expulsion that Ronaldo has received since 2018, specifically when he was a Juventus player and was sent off against Valencia in the Champions League.

During his career, Ronaldo was expelled 4 times with Manchester United, 6 with Real Madrid, and once with Juventus, and for the first time he was expelled with Al-Nasr.

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