Finally.. Real Madrid submits to Mbappe’s only condition!

Real Madrid tends to diplomacy in negotiating with Kylian Mbappe, especially since the Royal Club imposed many of its conditions, including salary, and does not want to lose the French star’s desire to join the Santiago Bernabeu.

According to the newspaper “Marca”, this policy adopted by Real Madrid resulted in Mbappe yielding to the most difficult condition recently, which is image rights.

Florentino Pérez’s management usually reserved 50% of the players’ image rights, and rarely – although it sometimes happened – granted the players a larger percentage.

But with Mbappe, Real Madrid agreed to give the current Paris Saint-Germain player 90% of the image rights, with the club only receiving 10%.

The move also seems very logical from Real Madrid, given that Mbappé’s basic salary with the club will not be close to his salary with Paris Saint-Germain, and will range between only 20 to 30 million euros annually, and thus he can be partially compensated financially.

With this step, Mbappe is on the verge of joining Real Madrid after all the details were agreed upon soon.

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