FIFA reveals the truth about the application of the Blue Card in football

Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), responded to rumors circulating in the last two months about the possibility of introducing a blue card into football matches.

It was said that the FIFA Council would experiment with the blue card in amateur matches, to be added to the yellow and red cards or generally replaced by red, as it would be given to the player at fault and he would leave the field for ten minutes and then return.

This matter sparked great controversy after many coaches said that it was an unrealistic idea and that football did not need this useless addition.

In turn, Infantino responded to the possibility of application by saying, “The blue card? This issue does not exist for us.”

He also added, “If you want a headline that the blue card will replace the red card, I assure you that this is not true and will never happen. There is no chance.”

It is noteworthy that the proposal included that the player who received two blue cards would then receive a red card and be permanently eliminated from the match.

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