FIFA rankings: Morocco and Egypt declined, Portugal advanced

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) issued the national team rankings for the month of April 2024 after the last international break, which witnessed 174 international matches.

Argentina’s national team maintains its top spot, but the only change that occurred at the top comes with Belgium’s rise to third place and England’s fall to fourth place.

Meanwhile, Portugal rose to sixth place while Belgium dropped to seventh place, replacing Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates.

As for the Arab teams, the Moroccan and Egyptian teams dropped one place each, yet the Atlas Lions maintain the top spot in the rankings for the Arabs, as well as Africa, in 13th place, compared to 37th for Egypt.

Below we will review together the standings of the teams in the FIFA rankings for April 2024.

Top 10 teams in FIFA April 2024 rankings

1-Argentina 1585 points

2- France 1840.5 points

3- Belgium 1795.23 points

4- England 1794.9 points

5- Brazil 1788.65 points

6- Portugal 1748.11 points

7- Netherlands 1742.29 points

8- Spain 1727.5 points

9- Italy 1724.6 points

10- Croatia 1721.07 points

The first 10 Arab teams in the FIFA rankings in April 2024

1- Morocco (13)

2- Qatar (34)

3- Egypt (37)

4- Tunisia (41)

5- Algeria (43)

6- Saudi Arabia (53)

7- Iraq (58)

8- UAE (67)

9- Jordan (71)

10- Sultanate of Oman (77)

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