Enrique: Comparing me with Xavi? I am the best without discussion!

Luis Enrique, coach of Paris Saint-Germain, responded to a journalist’s question about who is better between him and Xavi Hernandez, coach of Barcelona, by saying that the numbers speak for themselves.

Enrique’s statements came during the press conference for the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final match between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, which will be held at the Princes’ Park Stadium.

When compared to Xavi, Enrique said, “Who is better between me and him? There is no need to discuss, of course I am.”

He also added, “Numbers speak, titles speak, and even possession rates. Some may have a different opinion, but I am undoubtedly the best.”

When asked about facing Barcelona itself, he said, “Facing Barcelona is different and difficult. I know the club well and I know Xavi as a player, not as a coach. No one sees Barcelona as a weak team.”

He concluded, “I was hoping to meet Barcelona, which was full, without injuries, and for Javi to participate. I wanted to face and win the most difficult opponent.”

It is noteworthy that Enrique, as a coach, won 7 titles with Barcelona, including the Champions League title and the treble in 2015, and he also won the French Super Cup with Paris Saint-Germain at the beginning of this season.

As for Xavi, he only achieved the Spanish League title and the Super Cup last season, along with a number of titles while coaching Al-Sadd of Qatar.

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