Done… Barcelona concludes its first deal on Flick’s orders

The newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reported that the Barcelona administration reached an agreement with Heiko Westermann to work as assistant coach to Hansi Flick in coaching the Catalan club starting next season.

Westermann’s appointment comes based on the desire of Flick, who wants to add a Spanish-speaking element to his technical staff, which includes the duo Tony Tablovic and Marcos Sorge.

Westermann previously played for Real Betis between 2016 and 2017. He is also fluent in the Spanish language and is of German nationality. He spent most of his career with Hamburg FC.

Westermann works as an assistant coach in the German U-19 national team. Over the past years, since his retirement from football, he has worked as an assistant in more than one youth club, all the way to his country’s national team.

Westermann is supposed to be the link between Flick and the Barcelona players during the German coach’s first period at Camp Nou, until Flick becomes relatively proficient in speaking Spanish.

Westermann’s work will begin with Flick and his technical crew with the official start of their mission, which is scheduled to be next July 1.