“Do the Whites have to commit suicide to please Vinicius Junior?”

José Luis Chilavert, the former Paraguay goalkeeper, launched a fierce attack on Vinicius Junior, considering that he is the one who incites racist chants against him with his provocative behavior.

Chilavert doubted the sincerity of Vinicius’s crying during the press conference for the friendly match between Brazil and England, and stressed that what he was doing was only to attract cameras to him.

Chilavert said in media statements, “In fact, Vinicius was the first to attack his opponents.”

He also added, “They cried while watching the Netflix cameras at the press conference. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

He concluded, “He says that he wishes blacks would live a better life, so what should white people do? Should we commit suicide? We should not distort things this way.”

It is noteworthy that Vinicius suffers from racist chants in all Spanish stadiums, and he confirmed that he will continue with Real Madrid in order to combat them, which has cost him the matter.

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