Despite the arbitration injustice… a strong penalty against Bellingham

The “Relevo” network confirmed that the Disciplinary Committee of the Spanish Football Federation decided to punish Jude Bellingham, the Real Madrid player, in light of the events of the recent Valencia match.

Bellingham received a red card after the end of the match after he strongly objected to referee Gil Manzano following his controversial decision to end the match while the ball was on its way to the bat for Real Madrid’s third goal.

Expectations were that this card would be canceled and Bellingham would not be punished, given that the Spanish arbitration committee recognized Manzano’s mistake and punished him with a two-week suspension from arbitration.

But the surprise was that the Disciplinary Committee decided to suspend Jude Bellingham for two matches in the Spanish League, for what it considered “contempt or lack of respect towards the sporting authorities.”

Real Madrid is scheduled to appeal this decision in order to cancel it or, in the worst case, reduce the suspension period to one match.

In principle, until the Appeals Committee confirms or cancels the penalty, Bellingham will miss the matches between Celta Vigo and Osasuna, meaning that he will not return before the end of the next international break.

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