Cristiano Ronaldo makes fun of Arsenal!

Hours before the final round of the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo mocked the possibility of Arsenal winning the title, and considered that the matter had been decided in favor of Manchester City.

Ronaldo was at the Kingdom Arena to attend the historic fight between British boxer Tyson Fury and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksandr Usyk, where a fan spotted him and asked him about the possibility of Arsenal winning the Premier League.

But the Portuguese star broke into a wave of laughter and clearly told him, “No, Arsenal will not win the Premier League,” and continued to laugh, indicating the impossibility of the task.

Arsenal needs Manchester City to draw with West Ham or lose, with the Gunners simultaneously beating Everton at the Emirates Stadium.

From a practical standpoint, it seems very difficult for West Ham to win or draw with City at Etihad Stadium in light of the exceptional situation of Pep Guardiola’s squad, which has not lost any league match since last December.