Benzema calls on Al-Ittihad to dismiss Gallardo and expel Hamdallah

Benzema calls on Al-Ittihad to dismiss Gallardo and expel Hamdallah, and a fiery response from the Moroccan brother!

Saudi media revealed that Karim Benzema called on the Al-Ittihad administration to dismiss coach Marcelo Gallardo and renew the team’s blood next summer.

The French star’s requests came in the wake of the massive 4-1 loss to Al Hilal in the Saudi Super Cup final, and the harsh criticism faced by the team as a whole.

Benzema clearly informed the Saudi administration that he is not satisfied with what is happening within the team, and believes it is necessary to dismiss Gallardo, especially since the relationship between the two has reached its worst stage.

At the same time, Benzema demanded the departure of many players, led by his rival in the position of outright striker Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, despite the distinguished performance provided by the Moroccan this season.

This matter angered Hamdallah’s brother and agent, Abdel Hamid, who went out to the media with fiery statements in which he strongly attacked Benzema.

Abdel Hamid said in statements to the Kooora website that Benzema is “jealous” of his brother, and continued, “Perhaps because he scores more than him. This is unprofessional behavior and does not befit a player of Benzema’s value.”

He concluded, “Isn’t Benzema the one who missed the penalty kicks? And he is the one who scored against his own goal, while we were waiting for him to score against the opponent’s net?”

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