Beckham reveals… How did Messi make him cry so hard as if he had suffered a death?!

David Beckham, the English football legend, revealed that Lionel Messi was the reason he cried so hard in the summer of 2023.

Messi made his decision to join Inter Miami last summer after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and despite receiving historic offers from the Saudi League and Barcelona’s attempts to bring him back.

Because of Messi’s acceptance to join the American club owned by Beckham, the former Real Madrid star could not hold back his “tears of joy.”

Beckham said in press statements, “Our negotiations to include Messi were not recent. I sat with his father in 2019 and told him of our desire to include his son, but we did not agree at that time on what would happen.”

He also added, “When I learned that Messi would not renew his contract in Paris, we contacted him immediately and negotiations began, even though we knew that Barcelona was trying to bring him back.”

He concluded, “I was in a hotel in Japan when I learned that Messi had agreed to move to Inter Miami. At that time, I could not stop crying. My wife asked me who died? I told her Messi would come to us. It was an unforgettable moment.”

It is noteworthy that Messi succeeded in his first season with Inter Miami in leading the team to its first ever title, the League Cup, and this season he participated in 5 matches during which he scored 5 goals.

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