Because of Pedri… Real Madrid takes a tough decision!

The newspaper “Marca” reported that the Real Madrid management took a tough decision and informed its players about it, inspired by what happened to Barcelona star, Pedri Gonzalez.

This decision is to prevent any player from participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics if he participates in the Copa America or the Euro, which is scheduled to be held next summer.

The Royal Club fears that the players will suffer from fatigue similar to what happened to Pedri in 2021, when he played 70 matches and more, including the Euros with Spain and the Olympics.

Since then, injuries have not left the Barcelona star, and it became clear how his muscles were affected, and he was absent from the stadiums more than he participated in the matches.

At the same time, Real Madrid’s management realizes that the load will increase next season, given the Champions League system and playing 8 matches instead of 6 in groups, and at the end of it, the Club World Cup will begin.

Thus, there is no intention of allowing any player to enter the season extremely exhausted, regardless of his name or ambitions, including the latest arrival Kylian Mbappe.

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